Subdivision regulations go to last informal review

Members of the Kenton County Planning Commission’s subdivision regulations committee are nearing completion of a multi-year goal. Simply stated, it was to craft a completely new set of subdivision design and construction standards that will be efficient to use, provide design flexibility for developers, increase agency coordination, and protect the financial interests of local taxpayers.

The committee held a roundtable session to discuss the final draft proposal for new street design standards. Virtually all other issues before the group have been resolved to the satisfaction of stakeholders. Those interests scheduled to participate in the roundtable session are the Kenton County Mayors’ Group, the Northern Kentucky Homebuilders Association, the Northern Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers, and Henry Fischer of Fischer Homes.

The major issue facing committee members is whether edge drains and drainage blankets should be required in all new residential developments. The committee’s draft proposal currently addresses those issues by requiring:
  •  that edge drains be provided under the curb where 51% of the adjoining lot drains toward the street and also in sag locations; and
  •  that a detailed pavement analysis be performed by a geotechnical engineer for each project to determine any other pavement and drainage enhancements that should be utilized.
The goal of the roundtable meeting will be to give the stakeholders a final opportunity to discuss the proposal and to provide the committee with feedback.

Committee members will consider this feedback now that the meeting is behind them. They will then give staff a final directive on what design standards should be included in the draft regulations that will be presented to the full Kenton County Planning Commission.

Current expectations are that the planning commission will schedule a public hearing on the final document sometime this summer. The draft document that will be the subject of that hearing will be posted on the NKAPC website to provide everyone an opportunity to review them and form their opinions. At the conclusion of that hearing, planning commission members will vote to approve the standards they feel meet the community’s needs best and to set an effective date for their enforcement.