Villa Hills becomes One Stop Shop’s 15th jurisdiction

Villa Hills City Council and the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission entered into an interlocal agreement effective May 28th that delegates the city’s building, electric, property maintenance, and zoning codes administration to NKAPC. Villa Hills is the 15th Kenton County jurisdiction (out of 20) to be part of NKAPC’s collaborative One Stop Shop program.

The program also provides staff support for Villa Hill’s board of adjustment and code enforcement board. The program is built on NKAPC’s “critical mass” of professionals, providing economies of scale that are impossible for local jurisdictions to match and levels of service the local jurisdictions can’t afford.

“We’re pleased to welcome Villa Hills to the program,” said Dennis Gordon, FAICP, executive director. “Mayor Mike Martin and City Clerk Craig Bohman have given us marching orders regarding the city’s priorities; we understand code enforcement is a top priority.”

Filing code enforcement complaints, seeking information about building or electric inspections, and searching for a property’s zoning classification is now one phone call away for Villa Hills residents. NKAPC can be reached at 331.8980 between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. Considerable information in this regard is also available on the NKAPC website and the brand new One Stop Shop website.

“The One Stop Shop program has helped a number of cities increase service levels for their citizens and reduce costs since 2004. We’re looking forward to providing those benefits to Villa Hills and its citizens,” concluded Gordon.