… for whatever it’s worth…

Much has been written over the past five years about trends in new development, particularly in terms of suburban versus urban. In her new book The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream Is Moving, Leigh Gallagher writes, “Not all suburbs are going to vanish, of course, but the trends are undeniable.”

In a recent article in the online version of UrbanLand magazine, Gallagher who is assistant managing editor at Fortune speaks to a number of issues involving the suburbs. Specifically, she cites three primary reasons why urban areas are seen as most promising for new opportunities.
  • The nuclear family is no longer the norm, with marriage and birth rates in decline, although they have recently plateaued at a lower level.
  • As the price of gasoline increases, people are driving less, buying cars less often, and, in some instances, even forgoing a driver’s license.
  • Cities are booming, while the suburbs are seeing more poverty and crime that they may be ill-equipped to deal with.
The article and the book are interesting reading regardless of whether you believe current trends. Check out Gallagher’s view for whatever it’s worth.

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