A new look along I-71/75

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS) changed the face of its high-rise expressway sign today. The agency pursued the name change to bring clarity to its mission of serving Kenton County’s 20 local governments—a city-county planning department if you will.

As a governmental entity, PDS doesn’t need a sign of this size and visibility. The reason for it comes down to equity and the value the sign adds to the publicly-owned property.

“It was important that PDS maintain the existing sign to provide value on the property owned by our organization,” said Crestview Hills Mayor Paul Meier, vice chairman of the PDS Management Board. “If the sign was not changed, it would have had to be removed, therefore lowering any future resale value of our property.”

Losing the sign would have devalued the property by at least $100,000 according to local real estate brokers.