Newsletter Archive

January 2018
- Planning Commission acts on Villa Hills planned unit development
- Crescent Springs working to implement planning study
- PDS is now encouraging CAD file submissions for plan review
- Public, staff making progress on Kenton Connects plan
- Vacant foreclosed property registry succeeding after first year
- … for whatever it’s worth…

December 2017
- Applicants may submit digital plans for review beginning in 2018
- 2017 platting activity was strong; 2018 promises even more to come
- LINK-GIS is an ever-growing treasure trove of geospatial data
- PDS services now include photography from ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’
- Fiscal Court declares GIS Day in Kenton County
- PDS announces holiday office closings for 2018
- … for whatever it’s worth…

November 2017
- Five cities want to update their Direction 2030 future land use maps
- Maintaining master address database is critical, frustrating work
- Work progresses on Kenton County’s bicycle/pedestrian plan
- NKYmapLAB product highlights Latonia ‘complete street’ proposal
- GIS staff takes on keeping RoW management data up to date
- … for whatever it’s worth…

October 2017
- Planning Commission sends new sign regulations to elected officials
- Fiscal Court okays citizen-led zoning amendments for South Kenton
- Code enforcement rental inspections get going in Elsmere
- Latonia Lakes’ residents celebrate milestone in their community’s revitalization
- State working toward effective date for new Kentucky Building Code
- … for whatever it’s worth…

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