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March 2018  Vol. 01, No. 01
A monthly report of PDS information, news, numbers, and social posts.

Welcome to On Point

We've published a monthly e-newsletter since 2005 to inform and engage those we serve. As times change, we must change to achieve new goals and meet new challenges. On Point accomplishes one of those. A new, sleeker format. A recap of our social media posts. And, a report on agency metrics. We hope you enjoy these and other changes and invite your feedback.

- Dennis Andrew Gordon, FAICP
  PDS Executive Director

'PDS by the Numbers' is now online

More than ever before, 'transparency' and 'accountability' are goals being pursued by public agencies at all levels. PDS is no different, uploading its latest effort last month - an online collaboration with - to keep those it serves updated.

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18.1K hits


Feet of sidewalk approved


Code enforcement inspections made

Image of the Month

PDS used its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) recently to capture this footage of Wolsing Woods. The Banklick Watershed Council will use this documentation in its plans to create wetlands and make trail improvements along Banklick Creek. Follow PDS’ UAV projects @NKYdroneLAB on Twitter. Click the photo to watch the video.

...for what it's worth

Attend any conference of community planners these days and hear presentations on zoning reform. Listen to community activists and hear talk of lessening development requirements to make cities more beautiful and interesting. Talk with PDS planners to get the latest on their efforts to create zoning regulations for the 21st Century. Read a recent blog from the Strong Towns Institute and "
Kick the Tires on your Local Zoning Code".  ...for what it's worth. 


PDS is a multi-functional, multi- jurisdictional agency serving Kenton County and its 19 incorporated cities.
Its statutory responsibility is to provide professional staff support to the Kenton County
Planning Commission, but it also delivers services that are critical to the growth and
development of those 20 local governments. These include infrastructure engineering, GIS,
building codes administration, and codes enforcement.

PDS, 2332 Royal Drive, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017