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June 2018  Vol. 01, No. 03
A monthly report of PDS information, news, numbers, and social posts.

Construction ends FY18 on a high note

Several key categories from Kenton County's development scene showed strong numbers for June, the end of Fiscal Year 2018. PDS' monthly analytics showed the highest numbers of the past 12 months for four key activities: plans reviewed; permits issued; inspections performed; and, linear feet of new concrete sidewalk inspected.

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Kenton Connects scheduled for action

The Kenton County Planning Commission will act next month on a bicycle and pedestrian plan for Kenton County. The year-long effort to craft the plan concluded recently with an open-house forum at Dixie Heights High School. If approved by the Planning Commission, the new plan titled Kenton Connects will be incorporated into Direction 2030, the Kenton County comprehensive plan to guide future mobility decisions across the community.

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Feet of concrete sidewalks inspected


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Image of the Month

PDS is soaking up that summer sun and back out in the field! NKYdroneLAB collected imagery at Doe Run Park documenting trails and water levels. Keep up to date on Kenton County drone projects, follow @NKYdroneLAB on Twitter.

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...for what it's worth

"Whether you're an urbanite or a lifelong resident of a suburb, you probably have an opinion on suburban design. You may have a preference for the quiet of suburban neighborhoods or you might feel a strong dislike toward "McMansions". Today, we're here to debunk four common myths about suburbia that come from both sides of this spectrum."

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Busting 4 Common Myths About the Suburbs' by Rachel Quednau, Strong Towns Journal...  for what it's worth.


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