Cold Spring Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map
Cold Spring Zoning Map updated 11/19/08

Zoning Text
Cold Spring Zoning Ordinance (Entire Text) updated 06/20/11

Table of Contents updated 12/18/07
Article I - A Zoning Ordinance updated 12/17/96
Article II - Authority and Purpose updated 12/17/96
Article III - Short Title  updated 12/17/96
Article IV - Interpretation updated 12/17/96
Article V - Conflict updated 12/17/96
Article VI - Severability Clause updated 12/17/96
Article VII - Definitions updated 12/22/03
Article VIII - Establishment of Zone updated 04/19/00
Article IX - General Regulations updated 12/18/07
Article X - Zones updated 06/20/11

R-RE (Residential Rural Estate) Zone
R-1C (Residential One C) Zone
R-1D (Residential One D) Zone
R-1DD (Residential One DD) Zone
R-1F (Residential One F) Zone
R-2 (Residential Two) Zone
R-3 (Residential Three) Zone
PUD (Planned Unit Development Overlay) Zone
RCD (Residential Cluster Development Overlay) Zone
HC (Highway Commercial) Zone
NC (Neighborhood Commercial) Zone
NSC (Neighborhood Shopping Center) Zone
PO (Professional Office) Zone
SDA (Special Development Area) Zone
IP (Industrial Park) Zone
MUPD (Mixed Use Planned Development)

Article XI - Off-Street Parking and Access Control Regulations updated 11/02/07
Artcile XII - Off-Street Loading and/or Unloading Regulations updated 12/17/96
Article XIII - Fences, Walls and Obstruction to View Regulations updated 12/17/96
Article XIV - Sign Regulations updated 03/28/06
Article XV - Performance Standards for Industrial Zones updated 05/19/98
Article XVI - Administration updated 12/17/96
Article XVII - Amendment Procedure updated 08/25/03
Article XVIII - Board of Adjustment updated 12/17/96
Article XIX - Schedule of Fees updated 12/17/96
Article XX - Moratorium updated 07/28/03

Appendix A - Specifications for Paving of Off-Street Parking Areas updated 12/12/05
Appendix B - Zones as Regulated by Campbell County Fiscal Court updated 11/19/08
Appendix C - Summary of Amendments updated 11/19/08

Planting Manual and Landscape Regulation Guidelines updated 06/21/00