Kenton Vale Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map
Kenton Vale Zoning Map

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Kenton Vale Zoning Ordinance (Entire Text) updated 07/07/16

Table of Contents updated 05/01/95
Article I - A Zoning Ordinance updated 05/01/95
Article II - Authority And Purpose updated 05/01/95
Article III - Short Title updated 05/01/95
Article IV - Interpretation updated 05/01/95
Article V - Conflict updated 05/01/95
Article VI - Severability Clause updated 05/01/95
Article VII - Definitions updated 05/01/95
Article VIII - Establishment of Zone updated 05/01/95
Article IX - General Regulations updated 05/01/95
Article X - Zones updated 05/01/95

CO (Conservation) Zone
R-RE (Residential Rural Estate) Zone
R-1C (Residential One C) Zone
R-1E (Residential One E) Zone
R-1F (Residential One F) Zone
R-1H (Residential One H) Zone
RCD (Residential Cluster Development Overlay) Zone
LSC (Limited Service Commercial) Zone

Article XI - Off-Street Parking and Access Control Regulations updated 05/01/95
Artcile XII - Off-Street Loading and/or Unloading Regulations updated 05/01/95
Article XIII - Fences, Walls and Obstruction to View Regulations updated 07/07/16
Article XIV - Sign Regulations updated 05/01/95
Article XV - Performance Standards for Industrial Zones updated 05/01/95
Article XVI - Administration updated 05/01/95
Article XVII - Amendment Procedure updated 05/01/95
Article XVIII - Board of Adjustment updated 05/01/95
Article XIX - Schedule of Fees updated 05/01/95

Appendix A - Specifications for Paving of Off-Street Parking Areas updated 05/01/95
Appendix B - Summary of Amendments updated 07/07/16