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Kenton County Planning Commission

Public hearings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:15 PM in the Commission Chambers of the PDS Building located in Fort Mitchell. Additional maps and staff reports will be posted here, when available.

Agenda      Legal notice 

APPLICANT: St. Elizabeth Healthcare per Matt Greis, System Director of Facilities
LOCATION: An area of approximately 180 acres located along Legends Way, Thomas Moore Parkway, Horsebranch Road, Dudley Road, South Loop Road, and Medical Village Drive, comprising the hospital’s Edgewood campus.
REQUEST: A Stage I Development Plan for the described area, currently zoned INST-1 (an institutional zone), INST-2 (an institutional zone), and CC (Community Commercial) by the Edgewood Zoning Ordinance; and, RP-1 (Research Park Zone) by the Crestview Hills Zoning Ordinance; the applicant proposes building additions, new buildings, and off-street parking garages in the vicinity of St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

APPLICANTCity of Crescent Springs per George Ripberger, City Administrator
REQUESTProposed text amendments to the Crescent Springs Zoning Ordinance: (1) removing nail salons as a permitted use within the MLU (Mixed Land Use) and MC (Mixed Commercial) Zones; (2) restricting a nail salon to no more than 40 percent of the floor area of a beauty shop or health spa within the PUD (Planned Unit Development), NC (Neighborhood Commercial), NSC (Neighborhood Shopping Center), MLU (Mixed Land Use), MLU-2 (Mixed Land Use-Two), and MC (Mixed Commercial) Zones; and, (3) allowing a Stage I Development Plan to be submitted for an area of less than two acres within the MLU-2 (Mixed Land Use-Two) Zone, if it conforms to and extends an existing approved Stage I Development Plan.

APPLICANTCity of Elsmere, per Matt Dowling, City Administrator
REQUEST A proposed text amendment to the Elsmere Zoning Ordinance to allow more than one principal building to be constructed on a lot within the IP-1 (Industrial Park-One) Zone.