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Kenton County Planning Commission 

Public hearings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:15 PM in the Kenton Chambers, second floor of the new Kenton County Government Center, 1840 Simon Kenton Way in Covington (site of the old Bavarian Brewery). The agenda for this hearing includes the following items. Additional maps and staff reports will be posted here, when available.

The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky provides videos of KCPC meetings in the On Demand section of the TBNK website.

October 2019         Legal notice      Agenda      Hearing/Meeting dates and filing deadlines

APPLICANT: City of Crestview Hills per Tim Williams, City Administrator
REQUEST: Proposed text amendments to the Crestview Hills Zoning Ordinance to amend the regulations for signs allowed within the Institutional (INST) Zone and add new definitions related to signs.
INFO: Staff report

APPLICANT: Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance per Karen Finan on behalf of Champ Realty Investment Corporation
LOCATION: 209 Greenup Street; an area of approximately 0.65 acres located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Greenup Street with East 3rd Street in Covington.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Covington Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from RU-0.5 (an urban residential zone) to CG-3P (a general commercial zone) including review and actions on variances permitted by the Covington Zoning Ordinance; the applicant proposes to construct a four-story office building with a setback of 30 feet from Court Street and 5.91 feet from Greenup Street where a maximum of five feet is permitted.
INFO: Staff report, Site plan

APPLICANT: Quast Real Estate Development per Patricia Quast on behalf of Fifth Third Bank
LOCATION: An area of approximately 6.2 acres located on the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection of Independence Station Road with Turkeyfoot Road in Independence.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Independence Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from R-1D (a suburban single-family residential zone) to NC (a neighborhood commercial zone); the applicant proposes to convert two single-family homes into offices, construct a 31,500-square foot commercial/office building (including a gas station and convenience store), and reuse an existing bank building for neighborhood commercial uses.
INFO: Staff report, Site plan

APPLICANT: Glenhurst Development, LLC per Greg Berling
LOCATION: 589 Hogrefe Road; an area of approximately 26.4 acres located on the north side of Hogrefe Road at the terminus of Sinclair Drive and Kelsey Drive, approximately 1,723 feet southwest of Bristow Road in Unincorporated Kenton County.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Kenton County Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from R-1B (a low-density suburban single-family residential zone) and R-1C (a medium-density suburban single- family residential zone) to R-1D (a medium-density suburban single-family residential zone); the applicant proposes to subdivide the property into lots with a minimum lot width of 70 feet and a minimum lot area of 9,000 square feet.
INFO: Staff report

APPLICANT: City of Covington per Dalton Belcher, Zoning and Development Specialist
REQUESTS: Proposed text amendments to the Covington Zoning Ordinance: (1) adding package liquor sales as a permitted use within the IL (Industrial Limited) Zone; and, (2) adding use-specific regulations for package liquor sales within the IL Zone.
INFO: Staff report

APPLICANT: The Mannik and Smith Group per Ralph Terbrueggen on behalf of AOM Properties, LLC
LOCATION: 2031 Centennial Boulevard; an area of approximately one acre located on the south side of Centennial Boulevard between Everett Drive to the west and KY 17 to the east, approximately 300 feet east of Everett Drive in Independence.
REQUEST: A revised Stage I Development Plan for the described area which is currently zoned R-2 (PUD) (a multi-family residential zone with a planned unit development overlay); the applicant proposes to construct an approximate 3,250-square foot restaurant with a drive-thru window.
INFO: Staff report, Site plan