Zoning Changes

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Kenton County Planning Commission

Public hearings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:15 PM in the Commission Chambers of the PDS Building located in Fort Mitchell. Additional maps and staff reports will be posted here, when available. View the legal notice and current agenda.

APPLICANT: City of Villa Hills per Craig Bohman, City Administrator
REQUEST: A proposed text amendment to the Villa Hills Zoning Ordinance allowing ground- and roof-mounted solar panels as conditional uses within all zones; the proposed amendment includes definitions, approval requirements, development standards, and abandonment and enforcement provisions.

LOCATION: 4272 and 4280 Richardson Road; an area of approximately 6.78 acres located between Briarwood Drive to the east and Dixie Highway to the west, approximately 500 feet west of Briarwood Drive in Independence.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Independence Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from R-2 (PUD) (a multi-family planned unit development zone) and IP (an industrial park zone) to R-1D (a suburban single-family residential zone).

APPLICANT: City of Park Hills per Matt Mattone, Mayor
REQUEST: A proposed text amendment to the Park Hills Zoning Ordinance adding regulations for signs located on windscreens used in conjunction with athletic facilities located within the INST (Institutional) Zone.

APPLICANT: Battleridge Development, LLC
LOCATION: An approximate 17 acre parcel at the terminus of Infantry Drive within Battleridge Subdivision in Independence.
REQUEST: To grant a waiver to the requirements of Section 1.10-4 of the Kenton County Subdivision Regulations; granting the request would waive the requirement that the remaining portion of Battleridge Subdivision, Phase H, Part 2 utilize the new subdivision regulations. Specifically, this would allow the developer to utilize the old subdivision regulations for earthwork within the right-of-way, utility crossovers, subgrade preparation and testing, and the pavement and curb and gutter cross sections.