Zoning Changes

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Kenton County Planning Commission

Public hearings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:15 PM in the Commission Chambers of the PDS Building located in Fort Mitchell. Additional maps and staff reports will be posted here, when available. View the legal notice and current agenda.

FILE: PC1609-0004
: Earl and Peggy Cox
LOCATION: An area of approximately 15.84 acres with frontage on both the west side of Madison Pike (KY 17), approximately 1,300 feet south of Walton Nicolson Road, and on the south side of Walton Nicolson Road (KY 16), approximately 270 feet east of Wynola Drive in Unincorporated Kenton County.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Kenton County Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from A-1 (Agricultural) to RC (Rural Commercial); this issue was tabled during the November 3, 2016 meeting.

FILE: PC1704-0001
: Chad and Elise Seibt
LOCATION: 3594 and 3595 Ashford Road; an area of approximately 2.0 acres located at the terminus of Ashford Road, approximately 200 feet northeast of the intersection of Ashford Road with Limerick Circle in Independence.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Independence Zoning Ordinance changing the described area from R-RE (a low density residential zone) to R-1C (a suburban residential zone).

FILE: PC1704-0002
: City of Fort Wright per Ed Butler, City Administrator
REQUEST: Proposed text amendments to the Fort Wright Zoning Ordinance: (1) adding definitions for “New Luxury Car Dealership” and “New Motor Vehicle”; (2) amending the LHS Zone to include New Luxury Car Dealership as a permitted use, along with permissible accessory uses including helipads; (3) increasing the permitted height regulations for all uses from 40 feet to 55 feet and adding area and height regulations for New Luxury Car Dealerships and Other Development Controls associated with New Luxury Car Dealerships; and, (4) increasing the height of signs within the LHS Zone for freestanding signs adjacent to an interstate, for uses not located within a shopping complex from 40 feet to 55 feet.

FILE: PC1704-0003
: City of Ludlow per Elishia Chamberlain, City Administrator
REQUEST: A proposed text amendment to the Ludlow Zoning Ordinance removing off-street parking requirements for the rehabilitation or reuse of existing structures within the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) Zone.

FILE: PC1704-0004
: Development Management Group per Michael H. Gilbert on behalf of 400 Buttermilk Pike LLC and Christ Hospital
LOCATION: 380 and 406 Buttermilk Pike; an area of approximately 5.75 acres located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Royal Drive with Buttermilk Pike in Fort Mitchell.
REQUEST: Review of a Stage I Development Plan for the described area which is currently zoned MBLU (Mixed Business Land Use); the applicant proposes to construct a 6,500 square foot commercial building which will contain two restaurants and a retail space, along with a drive-thru and outdoor patios.