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Code enforcement staff well on its way to total certification

Posted on September 28, 2017
Four of PDS’ five PDS zoning officials completed and passed the two-exam process over the past year to achieve the designation of Certified Code Enforcement Officer. The fifth zoning official has been with the organization for less than a year and plans to take the exams later this fall.

The four are: Rob Himes, Codes Administrator; Melissa Bradford, Senior Zoning Official; Chris Preston, Principal Zoning Official; and, Megan Bessey, Principal Zoning Official. Susan Conrad, AICP, Senior Zoning Official, has maintained a certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners for at least the last decade.

The American Association of Code Enforcement Certification (AACE) Program encourages professionalism and consistency among code enforcement personnel through a comprehensive test of knowledge of codes, standards, and practices necessary for professional competence.

“I’m very proud of our zoning officials who not only work very hard, but do it with up-to-date training and expertise,” says Emi Randall, AICP, RLA, Director of Planning and Zoning. “Certification through AACE proves they’ve got what it takes to do it right.”

Individuals may become a Certified Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector or a Certified Zoning Enforcement Officer by completing and passing competency tests. Candidates completing both examinations successfully earn the designation of Certified Code Enforcement Officer.

Once certified, staff must maintain continuing education on code enforcement processes and trends.

“Professional certification—where available—is an expectation of employment here at PDS,” stated Dennis Gordon, FAICP, Executive Director.

“I know there are a lot of qualified professionals out there who could fill openings when we have them. I’m interested only in talking with those who are willing and capable of maintaining professional certifications. I believe it says something positive about the person who’s willing to step up and prove he or she wants to prove their credentials and abide by the professional standards that go with them.”

Gordon says that PDS will soon be in the position of having every staff member certified who’s eligible to be certified by a national professional certification institute.