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New app for reporting Kenton County road issues is available

Over the past year, Kenton County Technology Services has been working on developing a way for our residents to report road issues to our Public Works Department.

One of our challenges is that residents often do not know who is responsible for each road they use. When citizens contact us to report a road problem, our staff must identify who is responsible for that road, and either forward the complaint to the appropriate contact, or refer the resident elsewhere if it is not County maintained.

In an effort to address this problem, Kenton County has partnered with LINK-GIS at Planning and Development Services of Kenton County to develop Kenton County Road Reporter - a low cost solution to road issue reporting that will serve all our residents, and hopefully help our cities.

This web-based survey form is mobile-friendly and includes a map that residents can use to report a road issue anywhere in the county. Once they submit the survey, the system identifies which agency maintains that road, and sends an email notification including all the information from the survey to the email address on file for that agency.

There is no charge or fee for use of this system, and all Kenton County cities are by default opted in. The email address initially set up for each city is from their public works department, where applicable. If no email address was found for the public works department, the City Manager, Administrator, or Mayor was chosen. These individuals received a separate email to inform them their email address has been registered, with instructions on how to change it or opt out if necessary.