What's New?

PDS services now include photography from ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’

PDS recently added video and photography capabilities from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the services available to all Kenton County jurisdictions. Photos, videos, ortho-mosaics, 3D renderings, elevation profiles, volume calculations, digital terrain models, digital surface models, emergency services, accident reconstructions, and search and rescue flights are now available through its One Stop Shop Program.

Utilizing the UAV and Esri products such as Dron2Map, PDS can assist Kenton County communities create up-to-date imagery for small areas. Drone2Map allows for quick turnaround time—sometimes in as little as a day—of products such as ortho-mosaics.

PDS has a Typhoon H, a hexacopter produced by Yuneec. The Typhoon H is equipped with a 4K video and 12-megapixel camera. It is capable of flying 400 feet high (the maximum height allowed by law) and can fly up to a mile away from the pilot. Associate GIS Specialist Ryan Hermann, PDS’ UAV operator, is a certified remote pilot having achieved his license in May 2017 becoming one of the first government-operated UAV pilots in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

If you have questions about the rules and regulations, UAV products, projects, or general UAV questions, email Ryan Hermann or call him at 859.331.8980.