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ROW Management System Shows Life Cycle ROI close to $200,000

The LINK-GIS partnerships were recognized recently at a national conference in California for their return on investment (ROI) and coordination success over the last six years. Software giant Accela which is responsible for the software LINK-GIS uses for right-of-way management (ROWM) hosted the conference.

Trisha Brush, GISP, director of LINK-GIS administration for PDS, spoke at the conference to showcase the successes that the partnerships have experienced using the Accela ROWM software and explained the close-to $200,000 ROI enjoyed by several local jurisdictions.

Those success stories included the City of Covington, the Northern Kentucky Water District, and Campbell County Fiscal Court to name a few. Brush also highlighted the use of pavement condition index (PCI) ratings and how they can aid in being proactive when planning paving projects. Kenton County Fiscal Court is currently completing a PCI for part of its road maintenance system and will use the LINK-GIS software for illustrating its findings.

To local public works and utility officials, this news is no surprise as the partnerships and local utilities continue to engage in opportunities to coordinate pavement and roadway maintenance activities planned over the last six years. The online LINK-GIS tool called Accela ROWM aids in increased communication and coordination for street cuts and paving projects in Kenton and Campbell Counties.

This is the sixth construction season that the online tool has been made available by the two partnerships. The results cut down frustrations felt by the motoring public and decreases the need for pavement cuts.

Representatives from Kenton and Campbell County Fiscal Courts, 22 cities, the water and sanitation districts, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 6, Duke Energy, Owen Electric, Time Warner Cable and Cincinnati Bell are using the software as a  service tool to manage projects.

The two LINK-GIS partnerships include Campbell and Kenton County Fiscal Courts, the Campbell County PVA, the Northern Kentucky Water District, Sanitation District #1, and PDS.

Contact PDS staff at 859.331.8980 if you would like to learn more about Accela ROWM and how it can assist in saving tax dollars for your community.