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Subdivision street construction still underway in Kenton County

Subdivision development and new street construction during 2013 showed a dramatic increase when compared to the last several years. What’s more, both have continued late into the construction season this year.

“We haven’t seen street construction continue this late in the year for some time”, said Scott Hiles, CPC, director of infrastructure engineering. “We’re even aware of a developer of a subdivision in Independence who wants to construct another five hundred feet of street yet this year if the temperatures cooperate.”

The majority of this activity is being seen in the cities of Independence and Erlanger, where development activity was most prevalent before the decline initiated by the Great Recession. New subdivision construction has also seen this year in Villa Hills and the unincorporated portion of the County.

Undoubtedly aided by the mild temperatures and relatively low amount of rainfall in the late fall, just over 3,000 feet of new pavement was constructed in November and the first part of December.

In years past it wasn’t uncommon for some asphalt plants to shut down asphalt production before the Thanksgiving holiday, and because of the cold temperatures, concrete streets weren’t able to be constructed much later than that either.

Overall, 9,000 feet of new street was constructed in in 2013. This represents more than twice the total of all street that was constructed in 2011 and 2012 combined.

“In looking back through our records, the amount of street constructed this year puts us close to the level of subdivision activity we saw in 2008 and 2009”, Hiles said. “It’s also a good sign for future activity that developers paid inspection fees later in the year that weren’t used this year. So it’s likely that this activity will continue into next spring.”