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Change facilitates NKAPC.org on mobile devices

With the ever-increasing number of people using mobile devices comes a better way of presenting and transferring information. It’s called responsive design. And recently, NKAPC.org has joined the trend.

Responsive design is a way of developing a website in such a way that it can be easily viewed and navigated, regardless of the device or screen resolution being used. While this is particularly beneficial when using tablets or smart phones, this concept also carries over to desktop monitors, laptops, and even some newer televisions.

Essentially, the screen size dictates the amount and type of information that is presented quickly instead of putting all of a webpage’s links, text, and images on the screen at once. Everything on the website is still available, but it has been organized into easily-navigable menus.

As an example on NKAPC.org, if screen space or bandwidth is limited, non-essential images are not downloaded. This allows zoning ordinances, meeting information, and other documents to be viewed quickly.

“This is a great way to improve the availability of our website to mobile device users, without compromising its functionality,” said Pete Berard, Public Information Coordinator.