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Senior GIS staffer elected state association treasurer

At the recent annual Kentucky GIS Conference, senior GIS specialist Tom East, GISP was elected to the position of treasurer for the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals. East has been in the GIS field for over 35 years. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Mississippi State University and began his GIS career with the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, MS. Since 1990, East has worked at NKAPC and earned his GISP certification in 2009.

KAMP was founded in 2003 and has nearly 250 members from both the public and private sectors throughout Kentucky. Its purpose is to foster the understanding and use of geospatial information in all levels of government, academia, and the private sector in Kentucky. It also serves as a mechanism to promote dialogue and education to professionals involved in the collection, processing, analysis, use, and maintenance of geospatial information.