What's New?

... for whatever it's worth...

With this month’s edition we continue a new feature initiated in September… for whatever it’s worth. NKAPC staffers keep themselves up to date on an ongoing basis regarding what’s happening in other communities of the tri-state, the commonwealth, and the US. Their goal is to keep abreast of events and offerings that can improve the efficiencies of their efforts.

In this quest, they find reports periodically that deserve a local audience because of relevance to a topic being discussed here, because of applicability to an issue here, or to inform local readers of something new and possibly relevant to Kenton County.

This month we provide a blog posting from the website Better! Cities & Towns. The website is dedicated to providing the best news, analysis, and intelligence on compact, mixed-use growth and development available in any medium. This blog posting entitled ‘Walk Appeal: the series’ considers the question of how far today’s typical citizens are willing to walk as developers nationwide propose more and more mixed-use “walkable communities.”

You can access the article here… for whatever it’s worth.