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PDS staff is working remotely

  • Operations
  • PDS staff members are working entirely from remote locations now in response to COVID-19 emergency declarations.

    Staff continues to provide all services assigned to the organization by state law, interlocal agreements, partnerships, and contracts for professional services.

    Turnaround time on applications as well as for inspection requests may increase slightly but staff will continue to process them as quickly as possible. Permit applications should be submitted online, and staff will review drawings and return comments online. If you need assistance, please call for support.

    Matters scheduled for public hearings before the planning commission, boards of adjustment, and code enforcement boards through the month of April will be rescheduled as soon as Governor Beshear’s emergency declaration expires.

    Declarations and events will prompt changes to these parameters without much notice. If that happens, we will distribute those changes via www.pdskc.org and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

    Effective: 03.31.20

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