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Staff initiates office return; services still available online

Our staff will begin returning gradually to the Kenton County Government Center on Monday, June 1st. We’ll open our doors and return to normal 8 AM to 5 PM business hours on Monday, June 15th. In-house staffing levels through this time will be guided by Governor Andy Beshear’s executive orders. All services assigned to PDS by state law, interlocal agreements, partnerships, and contracts for professional services will remain available online through our return and beyond.

We extend these procedures that have been in place since March 16th to maintain the health of our staff and their families and to protect the well being of our customers.

Applicants for most of our review processes may continue to submit required paperwork and fees through one of our online portals. Please direct your questions regarding these processes or any other matter to staff as usual—at 859.331.8980, Monday through Friday. Virtual meetings are an option staff can initiate as needed.

Staff has worked diligently over the past ten weeks to keep turnaround times on applications and inspection requests in line with those processed before the COVID-19 lockdown. Permit applications should be submitted online, and staff will review drawings and return comments online. Requests for building inspections should be called in as usual.

Applications and appeals scheduled for public hearings before the planning commission, boards of adjustment, and code enforcement boards are still being scheduled using online virtual meeting platforms. Meetings of the PDS Council and Management Board are as well. Agendas for these meetings and the URLs needed to attend these virtual meetings may be found on PDS’ website—www.pdskc.org. We expect to update this process sometime in June.

Declarations and events will prompt changes to these parameters without much notice. If that happens, we will distribute those changes via our website and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

We always welcome feedback on all PDS programs, policies, and procedures. Use the satisfaction survey on our website to provide your comments. Thank you!

Effective:   06.01.2020