Budget Information

As anticipated by KRS Chapter 147, PDS is funded from a number of sources, the most significant being proceeds from a local property tax. Local interests told legislators they wanted a steady and consistent source of income for the organization, one that would not be left to the whims of a single government that might be aggrieved from time to time with a decision or recommendation that would come from the staff. Legislators provided the organization with the ability to levy up to five cents per $100 assessed valuation for all real and person property. As administered by PDS officials over the years, that tax has never exceeded 3.1 cents per $100 assessed valuation and is currently less than that.

The two links that follow provide an accounting of the current fiscal year’s (July through June) revenues and expenditures. Questions about any of this information should be addressed to budgetquestions@pdskc.org or 859.331.8980.  

Fiscal Year 2021: Adopted Budget