Sharmili Reddy, AICP, Executive Director


Our staff holds a number of responsibilities critical to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens we serve. Each of them ties back to reasons the agency was created in 1961: to decrease bureaucracy and conflicting development standards; to foster coordinated growth and economic prosperity; to support local governments with those functions that impact growth and prosperity most directly; and, to provide the professional staff for the Kenton County Planning Commission.

The way we pursue our responsibilities is grounded in an effort our elected leaders approved unanimously over a decade ago. The PDS Vision / Mission / Core Values Statement defines the yardstick we use to measure our effectiveness. By reducing the yardstick to writing and posting it here, we encourage you to measure our efforts too.

As it relates to all our responsibilities, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the single premise on which all our activities take place. It’s Service… and it’s the single most important reason we exist. As you review information on this web site, check out our other websites, or stop by our offices in Covington, I ask that you keep this fact in mind.

Speak up! Ask questions, either in person or on the Contact Us function of this website. Provide us with your opinions. Respond to our website surveys. Let us hear from you… please.


Sharmili Reddy, AICP
Executive Director