Infrastructure Engineering

The Infrastructure Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing all proposed subdivision developments and their compliance with the subdivision regulations for Kenton and Pendleton Counties.

Subdivision regulations govern subdivision layout as well as individual design standards for new streets, access management, utilities, and pedestrian ways. They help to conserve natural, historic, and recreational areas. They also set standards for the manner in which public improvements are to be constructed and dictate the responsibility to inspect the construction of improvements to department staff. A primary responsibility of the department is to provide the necessary oversight to keep subdivision regulations effective and current with changing technological and industry advancements.

Effective subdivision regulations result in the provision of quality infrastructure which limits the need for future public expenditures. The department promotes managed growth of well-planned, livable communities, and coordinates the provision of quality public infrastructure and services to citizens of the communities it serves.

For more information on our services see Subdivision Creation / Development.

Department Staff

  • Laura Tenfelde, PE - Director of Infrastructure Engineering
  • Mark Brannon - Principal Infrastructure Inspector
  • Andrew Buten - Associate Infrastructure Inspector
  • Michelle Allender - Infrastructure Assistant/Addressing Coordinator

Contact Staff

Email Michelle AllenderInfrastructure Assistant/Addressing Coordinator

Quick Points of Contact

  • Schedule subdivision inspections:  call 859.957.2405
  • Ask general subdivision regulations questions:  call Michelle Allender at 859.957.2405
  • Ask platting questions:  call Laura Tenfelde at 859.331.8980
  • Ask addressing questions:  call Michelle Allender at 859.957.2405
  • Ask zoning or code enforcement questions:  call Rob Himes at 859.331.8980
  • Submit complaints, concerns, suggestions or other time sensitive issues:  call Michelle Allender at 859.957.2405
  • All other questions:  call 859.331.8980

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