Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works with property owners to bring their property into compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code, Local Government’s Zone Ordinance, and/or Code of Ordinances in the shortest time frame possible to ensure both a safe and beautiful community. The Code Enforcement Department:

  • Addresses reported violations of local ordinances related to the maintenance of all homes, apartment complexes, businesses and all yards/lots.
  • Provides inspections related to general structure maintenance, property maintenance, nuisance violations and zoning violations.

Top 10 Zoning Code Violations 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You can report suspected violations by calling (859) 331-8980. Citizens may also email a complaint to

Please Note: All complaints are prioritized as they are received; public safety issues will take priority over all other matters.

A: If you have received a Notice of Violation from Code Enforcement it means a complaint has been submitted regarding the condition of the indicated property. Additionally, an officer has inspected the property, and the officer found violations to be present.
A: The International Property Maintenance Code outlines minimum acceptable standards as it pertains to the condition and appearance of all structures and violations of these ordinances may result in the issuance of a notice by Code Enforcement.
A: A nuisance violation is a condition that, in addition to those set out in the Property Maintenance Code, are declared to be public nuisances and are prohibited. Each jurisdiction served by PDS may adopt their own Nuisance Ordinance within their City or County Code of Ordinances that specifically enumerates the conditions designated as public nuisances.

Read the notice thoroughly. If you have questions about what the cited violations are or about the process associated with the notice, you are strongly encouraged to contact the code enforcement officer. The case officer's contact information can be found on the notice.


If you are unable to reach the case officer, contact PDS (859) 331-8980.


A Notice of Violation provides you with the date compliance must be gained and what actions may be taken if compliance is not gained by that date.

In emergency situations when a violation is present that may endanger others, abatement time may be abbreviated or even need to be addressed by the property owner or officers immediately. Therefore, it is very important for you to review the Notice of Violation you have been sent to determine the exact date the property must be in compliance.

However, in most cases a Notice of Violation related to housing violations have an initial period of 14 days to come into compliance.

*Officers may provide additional time for the property to come into compliance if needed and warranted. Please see “What should I do if I need more time to correct these issues?"

A: The property owner may file a written appeal of a citation but must do so within seven days of the “Date of Issuance,” which is located on the civil penalty. Failure to appeal a citation within the indicated time shall result in the determination the property owner has waived their right to appeal, the violations were present on the property, and the issuance of the citation was proper. If your appeal request is received after the time allocated by law, then the appeal cannot be granted.

If you have filed your appeal within the legal time frame allocated, your appeal will be processed. You will receive correspondence stating what day and time your appeal hearing will be held.

All hearings related to appeals, unless otherwise noted, will take place at the PDS offices.

Appeal request form


Additional time is commonly provided, but it is important for the property owner to ask for this time. Lack of communication with the case officer could result in the issuance of unnecessary citations or abatement actions.


No additional time can be granted when violations present an immediate danger or safety risk. If you are issued an emergency notice, please contact the case officer immediately.


All payments related to citations, invoiced abatement costs, or liens should be made to Planning and Development Services (PDS) and mailed or delivered to:

1840 Simon Kenton Way, Ste 3400
Covington, KY 41011

If a property owner is issued a citation or invoiced property abatement costs and they do not make arrangements to pay these costs within 14 days of their issuance, then the outstanding amount may be converted to a lien on the property. The lien will accumulate at an interest rate established by ordinance until the lien is paid. Please include a copy of the citation, invoice and/or documents clearly identifying the referenced property to ensure proper credit occurs.

**Please Note: The removal of a lien may take up to 30 days to occur.