Floodplain Management

Flood Risk Maps

FEMA produces Flood Insurance Studies and Flood Insurance Rate Maps FIRM. These resources describe flood hazards based on the best available science and information available. They serve as the bases for determining when floodplain development and insurance requirements apply to structures.

Existing Structures within the Floodplain

To learn more about Elevation Certificates, Improvements to structures within the Floodplain, Flood Preparedness and related resources, see Existing Structures within the floodplain.

Development within the Floodplain

Any construction activity taking place within a designated floodplain required both a state and a local floodplain permit prior to construction. Typical activities permitted are dams, bridges, culverts, residential and commercial buildings, placement of fill, stream alterations or relocations, small impoundments and water and wastewater treatment plants.

State Stream Construction Permit

Kentucky Division of Water Stream Construction Permits must first be signed by the local floodplain manager prior to submission to KDOW. For those communities listed above for which PDS provides services, please contact Rob Himes, at rhimes@pdskc.org for application review and signature. A completed application form, project location map and drawings of the proposed project must be provided for review and signature.

Local Floodplain Permit

Once a KDOW permit has been issued by the Kentucky Division of Water, a local floodplain permit must be obtained. Submit a local floodplain permit, along with application fee to PDS through our OSS permitting office.

Local Floodplain Regulations

New homes or commercial buildings located within a floodplain must adhere to special regulations which may include elevating the structure, ensuring proper fill compaction, waterproofing the structure, elevating mechanical and electrical systems and providing flood vents or open areas at the ground level of the structure. Consult with PDS or your local floodplain administrator and review your local floodplain regulations [ER3] to determine how to proceed with your project. Click here to see zoning ordinances related to Local Floodplain Regualtions.