Zoning Services

PDS provides multiple zoning related services to a number on behalf of the jurisdictions in Kenton County. To help you understand what services are provided to which jurisdictions, we provide the following list.

Local Zoning Regulations

All zoning regulations for local jurisdictions have been relocated to an enCode website.
Exceptions: City of Highland Heights, City of Walton, City of Wilder

Sign Regulations (including political signs)

Applications and Forms

For for information about zoning permits, please click here.

Z21 Zoning Ordinance Update Project

We call it the Z21 project or zoning for the 21st century. 6 jurisdictions have adopted the Z21 ordinance, and the Planning Department is currently working with 7 other jurisdictions. More details can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of Z21 Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

Contact Staff

The zoning for a specific property can be found on the LINK-GIS website.  Should you need assistance or additional information please contact the zoning official for the appropriate jurisdiction:

For assistance regarding changing the zoning classification for a specific property, please email Andy Videkovich or contact 859-331-8980.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Zoning is the classification of land into districts. The purpose of zoning is to regulate the use of land including the use, placement, size of buildings, yard requirements and parking. A zoning law consists of two parts: (1) a zoning map showing the boundaries of the various districts; and (2) a written text (called a zoning ordinance) setting forth the regulations applicable to each district. Zoning’s main purpose is to protect and preserve the general health, safety and welfare of the citizens of each community, but also to facilitate orderly and harmonious development and the visual or historical character of the community, and to regulate the density of population and intensity of land use in order to provide for adequate light and air.


The zoning ordinances for each jurisdiction are maintained by the staff of the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County. You can access them at zoning ordinances


Each city’s/county’s legislative body makes all decisions on zoning regulations. While the Kenton County Planning Commission gives a recommendation on proposed zoning text amendments, it is ultimately up to the city/county to decide whether or not to adopt that change. If you believe it would be in the city's or county’s best interest to consider a zoning regulation change, that conversation must start with the city council/commission or the Kenton County Fiscal Court, depending on your location.


When a citation is issued, you must respond to PDS within seven (7) days of receiving the citation. You may either pay the fine set forth in the citation or request, in writing, a hearing before the code enforcement board to contest the citation. Whether the citation is contested or not, please contact the Code Enforcement Department to request a re-inspection when the issues have been corrected to stop the accrual of fines; fines continue until the violation(s) is or are completely corrected and the corrections are verified by the Code Enforcement Department. Failure to pay fine or request a hearing from the Code Enforcement Board within seven (7) days of receipt of a citation will mean that you are no longer able to contest the citation and the determination that an offense was committed shall be final.


It is a long-range vision and guide for public and private development in Kenton County. The plan includes such elements as land use, community facilities, mobility, economy, housing, etc. Together, these elements form a guide outlining the existing and potential future development for Kenton County. While PDS provides professional assistance in developing the Comprehensive Plan, ultimately, the Kenton County Planning Commission is responsible for adoption. Per the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the comprehensive plan is required to be updated as necessary every five years. Direction 2030: Your Voice. Your Choice., was adopted as the comprehensive plan for Kenton County in September 2014, the first all-new plan since the early 1970s.  Direction 2030 is completely web-based and can be viewed at www.direction2030.org