Pendleton County Subdivision

Pendleton County Subdivision Regulations (Entire Text) 

Table Of Contents 
Article I - Application And Authority Of Regulations 
Article II - Definitions
Article III - Subdivision Procedure 
Article IV - Preliminary Plat Requirements 
Article V - Final Plat Requirements, Including Improvement Drawings And Specifications 
Article VI - Design Standards For The Layout Of Subdivisions 
Article VII - Infrastructure Improvements 
Article VIII - Administration And Enforcement 
Article IX - Adoption, Amendment, And Effective Date 

Appendix A - Cement Concrete For Street, Curb And Gutter, Sidewalk, And Driveway Construction 
Appendix B - Asphalt Concrete Pavement For Street And Driveway Construction 
Appendix C - Standard Construction Details 

KRS 100.273 Land subdivision regulations by planning commission or fiscal court -- Procedures for urban-county government.

“(1) Any planning commission which has completed the objectives, land use plan, transportation plan, and community facilities elements of a comprehensive plan may adopt regulations for the subdivision of land within its boundaries.

(2) A county which does not wish to establish a planning program or form a planning unit may adopt regulations for the subdivision of land within its boundaries. In this case, the county shall be governed by the provisions of KRS 100.111(22), 100.277, 100.281, 100.283, 100.287 and 100.291, but any powers delegated to a planning commission in these sections shall instead be delegated to the fiscal court, any reference to the planning unit shall be considered a reference to the county, and any reference to the chairman of the planning commission shall be considered a reference to the county judge/executive.”

KRS 100.281 Contents of subdivision regulations.
“Subdivision regulations shall be based on the comprehensive plan, in those counties which have adopted a comprehensive plan, and all subdivision regulations shall contain:

(1) The procedure for the submission and approval of preliminary and final plat and the recordation of final plats. The commission may delegate to its secretary or any other officer or employee the power to approve plats in accordance with the commission's adopted requirements, but all plats, preliminary and final, shall be approved or disapproved within ninety (90) days;

(2) Specifications for the contents and the format of all subdivision plats;

(3) Requirements for the design of streets, blocks, lots, utilities, recreation areas, other facilities, hazardous areas, and areas subject to flooding. Such requirements may deal with all forms of land use including residential, commercial, industrial, and other uses. If the subdivision plat includes a proposal for any street to cross a jurisdictional line out of the planning unit, the commission shall require that notice of the proposal be given to the planning commission serving the planning unit into which the road will cross. If there is no planning unit for that area, the notice shall be given to the affected city or county government;

(4) Specifications for the physical improvements of streets, utilities, and other facilities, and the extent to which they shall be installed or dedicated as conditions precedent to approval of any plat, including the provision of good and sufficient surety to insure proper completion of physical improvements;

(5) Specifications for the extent to which land is to be used for public purposes shall be reserved as a condition precedent to approval by the commission of any subdivision plat. The planning commission may require a reservation, not to exceed two (2) years, for parks, open space, school and other public uses;

(6) The text may empower the planning commission to hear and finally decide applications for variances when a proposed development requires a subdivision and one (1) or more variances;

(7) In any regulation adopted pursuant to subsection (6) of this section:

(a) The text shall provide that the planning commission shall assume all powers and duties otherwise exercised by the board of adjustment pursuant to KRS 100.231, 100.233, 100.237, 100.241, 100.243, 100.247 and 100.251 in a circumstance provided for by subsection (6) of this section; and

(b) The text shall provide that the applicant for the subdivision at the time of the filing of the application for the subdivision may elect to have any variance for the same development to be heard and finally decided by the planning commission at the same public hearing set for the subdivision, or by the board of adjustment as otherwise provided for in this chapter.”