Economic Development Support

PDS supports economic development in our local community in various ways.

  • PDS assists developers in answering questions related to zoning, development plan processes, and zoning amendments needed to develop land.
  • PDS provides local governments with planning studies to facilitate land development to foster economic growth.
  • PDS also assists private developers and businesses interested in understanding the long-term vision for development in Kenton County, as outlined in Direction 2030: Your Voice, Your Choice.

Key Contacts

For additional information regarding economic development support services, please contact:

  • For general economic development questions, contact Joshua Wice, Ed.D., Community Development Manager, at 859-331-8980.
  • For questions about zoning amendments and development plans, contact Andy Videkovich, Planning Manager, at 859-331-8980.

Site and Zoning Maps

Site maps and zoning district maps may be created using the LINK-GIS map view. Just go to and click on the Explore box to open the map viewer. Within map viewer, type the address of the property you wish to view in the box on the top left of the screen. Use the layers and basemap gallery options on the right hand side of the screen to find information about the property and create a map.