Asset Management

Staff is available to perform Asset Management Projects for cities in Kenton County. An up-to-date Asset Management Database can help a City to decide how best to allocate its tax dollars. Asset Management Projects inventory, catalogue, and assign condition ratings for various City assets such as streets, curbs, sidewalks, streetlights and street signs, for example.

The final product that staff will deliver is a fully functional, digital database that contains all the specific information collected about a particular asset. In addition to the asset’s condition, other information is collected such as material type and dimensions, as well as a precise GPS location for each asset. 

Please contact Scott Hiles if you’re interested in receiving a proposal for an Asset Management Project.


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Michelle Allender -

Infrastructure Assistant / Addressing Coordinator

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Asset Management may include inventories of signs, light poles, sidewalks, curbs conditions, and pavement condition index rating (PCI). For more information, contact the PDS Infrastructure Engineering department.