GIS Mapping and Analysis


The LINK-GIS website is the hub for all things GIS in Kenton, Campbell and Pendleton Counties in Northern Kentucky. Website users can navigate Northern Kentucky, through one of the many mapping applications available; shop for GIS data (countywide or by tile), shop for pre-made maps or custom map/data requests; learn more about the community through NKYmapLAB; or ask the LINK-GIS team about GIS in Northern Kentucky and its many benefits.

Map Viewer

The LINK-GIS map viewer is an interactive mapping application designed to allow users to search addresses, PIDNs and Owner Names for Kenton, Campbell and Pendleton Counties. Users also have access to dozens of other data layers, including zoning, flood zones, voting precincts, control monuments, places of interest, as well as, an array of tools to customize and print a map.

Purchase Data or Maps Online

Choose from a wide selection of maps and digital data with a click of the mouse. There are dozens of pre-made maps, on a variety of topics, available in print format or a downloadable format. GIS data can be purchased on a county-wide level or by tile, using the Data Purchase interactive map viewer to select specific tiles that cover the area of interest. Or contact the PDS/LINK-GIS team for a custom request or any other questions.

NKYmapLAB Projects

The goal of the initiative is to analyze a wide variety of tabular data and present them in a more visual format that facilitates understanding by the public and its elected leaders. Northern Kentucky mapLAB is a copyrighted, published product of Planning and Development Services of Kenton County

LINK-GIS Key Performance Indicators

View an array of charts that visualize certain key performance indicators of LINK-GIS. These include Map Requests, Website Hits, Maps Produced (in linear feet), Data Provided/Sold (in megabytes) and Product Sales. 

Development Analyst Map Viewer

The Development Analyst map viewer is a mapping application designed for searching subdivisions, where development is currently active in Kenton County. Users can see what lots have been built and what lots are vacant, along with how many lots are planned for a subdivision.

Site Plan Maker

The Site Plan map viewer is a mapping application that allows users to create a printable site plan of a property in Kenton or Campbell County.  

Park Finder

The Park Finder mapping application shows the location of parks in Campbell, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties, along with amenities available at each park and pictures of each park. Parks can be searched by address, parks near your current location, or by amenities provided. 

Voting Information

The Voting Information map viewer shows the precincts and polling locations in Campbell, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties. This easy-to-use mapping application allows the user to search polling locations by clicking precinct on the map, or search by parcel info (Owner Name, Address or PIDN) in the Find Your Polling Location widget, or search by precinct name in the Polling Location by Precinct widget. 


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