Park Hills Study

The NKAPC has been asked to assist the City of Park Hills in the preparation of a plan for the area to be impacted by the potential redevelopment of the Dixie Highway corridor. The Park Hills Dixie Study will help the residents of Park Hills to create a vision for the future of their community. Over the course of approximately 10 months, the NKAPC will work with the City of Park Hills and its residents to create a plan for the future and a strategy to begin implementation of that plan. The primary focus of this study will be contained to those activities occurring along the Dixie Highway corridor; however, factors outside the specific study boundaries may be evaluated within the context of this study. As in any planning process, movement of people, goods and services are not bound by political jurisdictions. Events happening both inside and outside of Park Hills city boundaries can significantly affect the success of the Dixie Highway corridor. Periodic updates on the study, meeting information and pertinent documents will be posted on the project website.

Small area studies are intended to be adopted by the Kenton County Planning Commission (KCPC) as a more detailed part of the comprehensive plan for the area covered. Once adopted by the planning commission, these plans are used as the basis for review by NKAPC staff and the KCPC.

If you have questions about the information presented in these files please contact James Fausz for further details.


Public Meeting 1 01/22/09
Public Meeting 2 05/14/09
Public Meeting 3 09/10/09

Market Analysis 
Presentation 1 02/26/09
Presentation 2 03/26/09
Presentation 3 06/08/09

Market Analysis 06/30/09

Existing Conditions Draft January 2009 
Interim Report Draft April 2009

Task Force Meetings Minutes
July 9, 2009
June 16, 2009 
June 11, 2009 
April 16, 2009 
March 12, 2009 
February 12, 2009 
January 8, 2009 
December 11, 2008 
November 13, 2008