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Planners complete Ludlow study; City to review recommendations

PDS staff completed the Ludlow Parking Lot Study late last month. Ludlow’s City Administration requested the study earlier this year, with the expressed goal of identifying the most effective way to expand parking availability within its Elm Street business district. The study identified empty lots well-suited for conversion to parking lots, existing private parking lots that may be candidates for shared parking arrangements, and parkin...

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Management Board deliberates on results from building’s energy audit

Members of PDS’ Management Board will consider the recommendations of an energy audit of its building in the near future. The board’s Capital Management Committee is considering the contents of that audit, the cost of the recommended actions, and the payback that will be achieved through lowered utility bills. “One of the nicest surprises to come out of the audit was the confirmation that our recent upgrades to the building h...

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ROW Management System Shows Life Cycle ROI close to $200,000

The LINK-GIS partnerships were recognized recently at a national conference in California for their return on investment (ROI) and coordination success over the last six years. Software giant Accela which is responsible for the software LINK-GIS uses for right-of-way management (ROWM) hosted the conference. Trisha Brush, GISP, director of LINK-GIS administration for PDS, spoke at the conference to showcase the successes that the partnerships ...

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Staff works with local jurisdictions to bring about HB422 compliance

House Bill 422 enacted by the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly took effect July 15, 2016. Local jurisdictions must be compliant by January 1, 2017, meaning local code enforcement programs must make changes soon. PDS staff is working diligently to make sure each of the 15 jurisdictions who depend on PDS for code enforcement are prepared for Day 1 of the new regulations. Staff and PDS legal counsel Garry Edmondson hosted a meeting on August 31s...

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Staff begins ten-year review of One Stop Shop codes admin program

It’s been ten years since the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC; now PDS) established its One Stop Shop Codes Administration Program. Much about the program has changed over that time period. PDS staff is pursuing an in-depth review of the program, its finances, the services it provides, and those being requested by member jurisdictions. The goal is to assure that the program meets the needs of Kenton County’s 20 ju...

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