PDS Council

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County is a city-county agency created to provide a multitude of services to Kenton County’s 20 local governments and their collaborative Kenton County Planning Commission. To assure equal focus on all jurisdictions and equal services to each, an elected official (and alternate) from each local government comes together to form the PDS Council. Appointments to the Council are made annually.

According to KRS Chapter 147, the PDS Council’s most important responsibilities include:

•  providing a forum in which planning and growth-related issues can be debated and consensus developed;
•  electing members to the PDS Management Board;
•  acting in a supervisory and advisory capacity with the PDS Management Board;
•  reviewing and approving the PDS Management Board’s annual work program and budget;
•  reviewing and approving a tax rate necessary to fund the agency’s operations; and

•  contracting with a certified public accountant to audit the PDS Management Board’s records, books, and accounts.

Check the calendar for specific dates as meetings are subject to change.


Mayor Mike Denham
(Councilman Mike Kendall)


Commissioner Michelle Williams
(Councilman Tim Downing)

Crescent Springs

Councilman Vince Albanese
(Mayor Louis Hartfiel)

Crestview Hills

Councilman Frank Sommerkamp (Councilman David Kramer)


Mayor John Link (Councilman Tony Ward)


Mayor Marty Lenhof, Vice-President
(Councilwoman Gloria Grubbs)


Councilwoman Rebecca Reckers (Councilman Gary Meyer)


Commissioner Fred Wilson
(Commissioner Brenda Hobbs)

Fort Mitchell

Councilman Greg Pholgeers, Secretary
(Mayor Jude Hehman)

Fort Wright

Councilman Adam Feinauer
(Councilman Mike Hoerlein)


Mayor Chris Reinersman (Councilwoman Carol Franzen)

Kenton County

Commissioner Joe Nienaber
(Commissioner Jon Draud)

Kenton Vale

Commissioner Mike Burdge (Commissioner Marsha Patrick)

Lakeside Park

Mayor David Jansing, President
(Councilman Brian Waite)


Mayor Josh Boone
(Councilman Bill Whiteley)

Park Hills

Councilwoman Wesley Deters (Councilman Joe Shields)

Ryland Heights

Mayor John Cole (Commissioner Jason Ponder)

Taylor Mill

Commissioner Dan Murray
(Commissioner Mark Kreimborg)

Villa Hills

Councilwoman Cathy Stover
(Councilwoman Sue Wadsworth)


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