Tornado Damage Assistance
For our Kenton County neighbors who were tragically affected by the recent powerful storm, NKAPC offers the following services and assistance to begin rebuilding homes.

•     All building permit fees for storm-related damage are being waived until June 11, 2012.. All construction work and repairs still require a building permit and inspections. Call 957-2408 or 331-8980 for building code and/or permit questions.

•    Permit applications, forms, and/or checklists can be printed from the Applications and Forms page at (see below) or can be obtained from our office at 2332 Royal Drive, Fort Mitchell, KY. Please call 331-8980 or 957-2408 for directions.

•    If you are unsure if your home is safe to occupy, an NKAPC building inspector can meet you at your residence to determine if the structure is safe or what repairs are required. NKAPC is not charging a fee for this service through June 11, 2012.

•    Emergency repairs are permitted to begin prior to a building permit being issued. Please be advised that it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure a permit is obtained as soon as possible.

•    Electrical permit fees for storm-related damage are being waived until June 11, 2012. However, the electrical inspection fees have not been waived by IBI. Please call 513-381-6080 to schedule all electrical inspections.

•    The power company may require an electrical inspection prior to electricity being restored to your home. 

Additional Contact Information

NKAPC Main Office Phone: 859-331-8980      Fax: 859-331-8987

NKAPC Building Department: 859-957-2408

Electrical Inspections: IBI 513-381-6080 or Rick Lecher 513-977-4395

Kenton County Public Works: 859-392-1920

Northern Kentucky Health Department: Plumbing and/or Septic Inspections: 859-341-4264
Kenton County Applications and Forms
Beginning July 1, 2012, contractors and homeowners will be allowed to choose one of the following firms to perform an electrical inspection:
Rick Lecher
250 West Court Street
Suite 125 W
Cincinnati, OH. 45202
W (513) 381-6080
C (513) 977-4395
  Steve Helmer
Electric Inspection
5900 Centennial Circle
Suite 110
Florence, KY 41042
W (859) 746-9111
C (859) 393-8870