Geographic Information Systems

As the managing partner for the LINK-GIS partnerships, the GIS Administration Department services city and county agencies including: fire, police, and EMS; the regional water and sanitation districts; property valuation administration; school districts; area businesses; and residents.

Typical activities include:

• developing digital data, maps, databases, and on-line mapping;
• fostering partnerships and coordinating related projects with other agencies;
• providing local leadership and expertise related to GIS activities; and
• providing access to local GIS data and products.

The department’s staff is responsible for the production of accurate maps for realtors, appraisers, new home sites and individuals, providing digital data in the form of CDs or by email, web services, and creating topographic maps for new home sites.


1992 – ESRI President’s Award.  Given for “Making a Difference” using GIS
1995 – URISA Project Showcase Award
2005 – ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award
Note:  LINK-GIS is the only organization in Kentucky to have won both the ESRI President’s Award and the ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award

Department Staff

Trisha Brush, GISP, Director of GIS Administration
Tom East, GISP, Senior GIS Specialist
Christy Powell, GISP, Senior GIS Programmer/Specialist
Ryan Kent, GISP, Principal GIS Data Analyst
Joseph Busemeyer, GISP, Principal GIS Programmer/Specialist
Louis Hill, AICP, GISP, Geospatial Data Analyst
Ryan Hermann, Associate GIS Specialist
Kyle Snyder, GISP, Principal GIS Specialist
Kathy Stephens, GISP, Associate GIS Specialist

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Quick Points of Contact

Ask GIS website questions:  call Christy Powell or Joe Busemeyer at 859.331.8980

Ask mapLAB questions:  call Louis Hill at 859.331.8980

Ask platting questions:  call Steve Lilly at 859.331.8980

Ask Addressing questions:  call Michelle Allender at 859.331.8980

Submit complaints, concerns, suggestions or other time sensitive issues:  call Trisha Brush at 859.331.8980

All other questions:  call 859.331.8980

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Department of GIS Administration
Planning and Development Services of Kenton County
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