2020 Sourcebook

In February 2006 staff distributed a survey to Kenton County mayors and local officials. Staff’s goal was to obtain information regarding issues, problems, and concerns officials had with their current zoning ordinances.


The Model Zoning Ordinance - Part I 

Table of Contents
Use Groups and Definitions 
Establishment of Zones 
General Regulations 
Residential Zones  
Commercial and Industrial Zones 
Special Development Zones 
Overlay Zones  
Specific Use Regulations 
Natural Resource Regulations 

Model Sign Regulations

Sign Regulations- Draft- August 2008
Sign Regulations- Draft- May 2008

Proposed Model Sign Regulations (Z-08-05-01/1922R)- May 2008
Sign Regulation in Kenton County- Background Report- May 2007 

2020 Sourcebook

Issue 1- 02/13/09 A new approach to zoning in Kenton County: Where we’ve been… Where we’re going...
Issue 2- 02/27/09 New zoning in Kenton County will simplify way land uses are categorized and regulated
Issue 3- 03/13/09 When one zone doesn’t fit all… enter specific use regulations
Issue 4- 03/27/09 Off-street parking regulations in an age of transportation flux
Issue 5- 04/10/09 Planned Unit Developments: modernizing the popular tool
Issue 6- 04/24/09 The top ten reasons to love Conservation Subdivisions…
Issue 7- 05/22/09 Updated definitions eliminate numerous problems
Issue 8- 08/14/09 Streamlining the Zones that make zoning work
Issue 9- 09/25/09 Special Development Zones guide unique circumstances
Issue 10- 10/09/09 Provisions address concerns about "big box" stores
Issue 11- 10/26/09 Retirement communities require special attention
Issue 12- 11/03/09 Access control regulations keep through traffic moving
Issue 13- 11/30/09 Mixed-Use Corridor Overlay zone will facilitate vibrant corridors
Issue 14- 12/17/09 Flag Lots in existing neighborhoods will be more scrutinized
Issue 15- 01/15/10 Credible development review and administrative procedures critical
Issue 16- 03/12/10 Technology, overhead impact work routines, zoning regulations
Issue 17- 04/30/10 Proper regulation of sexually-oriented businesses critical
Issue 18- 06/10/10 Time to turn the page on decades-old zoning requirements
Issue 19- 07/23/10 Constitutional sign regulations critical to avoid litigation
Issue 20- 09/10/10 Growing interest in solar energy prompts zoning questions
Issue 21- 09/24/10 Societal changes spur accessory dwelling unit growth
Issue 22- 10/22/10 Wind Energy Systems offer savings if located correctly
Issue 23- 12/10/10 Updated flood protection development controls are critical
Issue 24- 01/24/11 Code enforcement boards get action, avoid court dockets

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