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Kenton County Planning Commission: the 20-member body appointed by the county judge/executive and mayors and their legislative bodies that pursues and administers provisions of KRS Chapter 100.

Board of Adjustment:
the bodies appointed by the judge/executive and mayors and their legislative bodies that hears applications for conditional use permits, variances from provisions of the zoning ordinance, changes to non-conforming uses, and appeals of administrative decisions.

Comprehensive Plans: the adopted plan that serves as a guide for public and private actions and decisions to assure the development of public and private property in the most appropriate relationships. 

Zoning Ordinance: land use regulations that implement the comprehensive plan by: promoting the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the city; facilitating orderly and harmonious development and the visual or historical character of the city; and, regulating the density of population and intensity of land use in order to provide for adequate light and air.

Subdivision Regulations: development regulations that govern the subdivision of land, the design of infrastructure to serve subdivided land, the construction of that infrastructure, and the filing of records concerning those actions.

Cellular Tower Regulations: regulations balance the need for new towers with the impacts they have on adjacent land uses; provide for the safest and most efficient integration within the community; provide  coordination with the  Kenton County Comprehensive Plan; and further the general welfare of the Planning Jurisdiction.

Kentucky Building Code: the mandatory, comprehensive, uniform state-wide building code that regulates general construction; structural quality; mechanical systems to include heating, cooling, and ventilation; electrical systems; and life safety from hazards of fire, explosion, and other disasters, whether caused by acts of nature or man. 

Kenton County Subdivision Development Analysis: reporting for availability and acreage of available parcels and planned lots in Kenton County subdivisions.