One Stop Shop
PDS’s One Stop Shop program unites the codes administration responsibilities of many of Northern Kentucky’s local governments under one roof. The program is built on PDS’s “critical mass” of professionals, providing economies of scale that are impossible for local jurisdictions to match and levels of service local jurisdictions can’t afford.

One Stop Shop administers the requirements of the uniform statewide Kentucky Building Code (and attendant National Electric Code), local zoning ordinances, and the International Property Maintenance Code. It also works through and with local code enforcement boards.

The TRAKiT program offers a powerful user-friendly way to check on a plan review, report zoning issues, permit status, locate properties, and much more to come throughout the year. 

After registering as a user on the One Stop Shop webpage, customers will find a secure way to access information and make payments. eTRAKit login instructions

The fee schedules listed below went into effect on July 1, 2018 and remain current through June 30, 2019.

· List of participating jurisdictions and the responsibilities One Stop Shop provides for them.
· Get the current residential building permit fee schedule and notes.
· Get the current commercial building permit fee schedule and notes.
· Get the current HVAC permit fee schedule.
· Get the current zoning administration and Board of Adjustment fee schedule.
· Get the current violation fee schedule.

Visit the PDS website for all building & zoning applications and forms, and the Kenton County Driveway Encroachment Prerequisites and Regulations.