Planning Services

Planning and Development Services (PDS) provides long range planning and plan implementation support services to the Kenton County Planning Commission and the jurisdictions within Kenton County. Planning projects may range in scale from specific sites, a neighborhood, an entire jurisdiction, or even the entire county. Types of projects may cover a wide range of topics as well. They may cover mobility/traffic, zoning, land use, redevelopment, and recreational to name a few.

To learn more about these services, or to view copies of adopted plans and studies, please browse through the other Planning Services pages using the sidebar menu.

Planning Studies

Kenton County benefits from several studies that provide more detail and supplement the Direction 2030 comprehensive plan. These studies range from countywide projects that provide recommendations on specific topics like mobility to detailed small area studies. See all Planning Studies.

Contact Staff

Emi Randall, AICP, RLA, CFM - Director of Planning and Zoning Administration

Current Planning

Including the Kenton County Planning Commission, development plans and zoning ordinance assistance:

  • Andy Videkovich, AICP - Current Planning Manager
  • Patrick Denbow, AICP -  Senior Planner

Long-Range Planning

Including the comprehensive plan, land use studies and analysis:

  • Chris Schneider, AICP - Principal Planner
  • Megan Bessey, CCEO - Associate Planner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


PDS Planning staff typically works with governments or neighborhood groups to provide planning assistance. That said, our primary responsibility is service to the community. If you have a planning question and would like to learn more about how we might be able to help, please contact Emi Randall, Director of Planning and Zoning Administration.


Each year, Planning staff contacts the jurisdictions within Kenton County and issues a general “Request for Assistance.”  This process enables staff to learn of projects that jurisdictions might be considering, provides a mechanism to rank projects, and serves as the basis of our yearly work program.  For more information on the Request for Assistance process please contact James Fausz, Long Range Planning Manager.


The PDS Management Board has established a 35% local match for projects like small area studies or other efforts that apply to cities. For projects that require a local match, the project scope is estimated by planning staff, which produces an overall cost estimate. PDS covers 65% of this cost, with the member jurisdiction contributing the remaining 35%. For more information on costs for planning services please contact Emi Randall, Director of Planning and Zoning Administration.