Madison Avenue Form District Study

The NKAPC has been asked to assist the city of Covington in the preparation of form-based zoning regulations to implement the design recommendations of the Madison Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan. The Madison Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan is an urban renewal/redevelopment plan prepared in 2005 for an approximate 1.3-mile expanse of Madison Avenue from 12th Street to the KY 16/KY 17 split. This stretch of Madison Avenue provides a significant point of entry to and exit from downtown Covington. The study’s goals were to: maintain the corridor’s commercial emphasis while creating new destinations/amenities to attract residents and customers; preserve the historic character of the area; improve vehicular/pedestrian movements; provide adequate off-street parking; and, implement streetscaping standards for lighting, paving, furnishings, plantings, and way finding. 

Madison Avenue Transportation Study
Madison Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan 

Form-based zoning is a method of regulating development to achieve a specific urban form. The regulations create a predictable public realm by controlling physical form primarily, with a lesser focus on land use. Form-based zoning should not be confused with design guidelines or general statements of policy. Form-based zoning is regulatory, not advisory. Since the city adopted a new zoning code recently, NKAPC staff recommends pursuing this project as an overlay zone with uses and signage to be regulated by the underlying zones.  

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Form District - Preference Survey Results 
April 1, 2008 marked the completion date for this survey.
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