Planning and Zoning Administration
The Planning and Zoning Department staff is responsible for plans and studies that help provide a framework for the future of Kenton County communities. Staff pursues this through development of comprehensive plans, conduct of specialized planning studies, and interaction with local citizens. Staff also performs the day-to-day functions which promote the desirable community envisioned by those plans and studies. These functions include reviewing zoning permits, handling board of adjustments issues, pursuing zoning violations, reviewing zoning text and map amendments, and meeting requests for zoning information.

Planning and Zoning Administration Staff

Emi Randall, AICP, RLA, Director of Planning and Zoning Administration
Andy Videkovich, AICP, Current Planning Manager
James Fausz, AICP, Long Range Planning Manager
Patrick Denbow, Senior Planner
Kimberly Gamm, One Stop Shop Clerk
Chris Schneider, AICP, Principal Planner
Megan Bessey, CCEO, Associate Planner
Susan Conrad, AICP, Senior Zoning Official
Rob Himes, CCEO, Codes Administrator
Quentin Campbell, Associate Zoning Official
Jill Conniff, Associate Planner
Megan Bessey, CCEO, Principal Zoning Official

Chris Preston, CCEO, Principal Zoning Official
Justin Cole, Associate Zoning Official
Kristen Martin, Associate Zoning Official
Pamela Bushelman, Senior Secretary

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Quick Points of Contact

Schedule building inspections: call 859.957.2408

Ask zoning or code enforcement questions: call Rob Himes 859.331.8980

Ask general subdivision regulations questions: call Scott Hiles at 859.331.8980

Ask platting questions: call Steve Lilly at 859.331.8980

Ask comprehensive plan questions: call Andy Videkovich at 859.331.8980

Ask addressing questions: call Michelle Allender at 859.331.8980

Ask rezoning questions: call Andy Videkovich at 859.331.8980

Ask telecommunications tower questions: call Andy Videkovich at 859.331.8980

Ask board of adjustment questions: call Andy Videkovich at 859.331.8980

Submit complaints, concerns, suggestions or other time sensitive issues: call Emi Randall at 859.331.8980

All other questions: call 859.331.8980



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