Crescent Springs Gateway Study

The PDS has been asked to assist the City of Crescent Springs in preparing a plan for the area located within Interstate 71/75, the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and the city limits. Over the course of approximately 11 months, the PDS will work with the Crescent Springs and its residents to create a plan for the future use of the study area. The study area is part of a larger commercial sector and the role it plays in this setting will be evaluated and considered as the plan is developed. The study will focus on land use, mobility within the area and the surrounding area, community facilities and utilities, and the green infrastructure. A market study examining the region’s economic situation is also part of the study. Periodic updates, meeting information, and pertinent documents will be posted on the project website.

Small area studies are intended to be adopted by the Kenton County Planning Commission (KCPC) as a more detailed part of the comprehensive plan for the area covered. Once adopted by the planning commission, these plans are used as the basis for review by PDS staff and the KCPC.


If you have questions about the information presented in these files please contact James Fausz for further details.

Project Manager – Edward Dietrich, AICP, Principal Planner
Assist. Project Manager – James Fausz, AICP, Principal Planner

Final Report
Kenton County Planning Commission: Adopted August 2010 (Entire 4.7 MB)
Cover, Table of Contents 
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Market Analysis
Chapter 3- Mobility
Chapter 4- Land Use
Chapter 5- Design Recommendations
Chapter 6- Utilities and Green Infrastructure
Chapter 7- Implementation
Public Meeting 2 flier

Task Force #1 
Task Force #2 
Task Force #3
Task Force #4 
Task Force #5 
Task Force #6
Task Force #9 
Market Analysis #1
Market Analysis #2
Market Analysis #3

Task Force Presentation

Market Analysis 
Report- July 31, 2009

Task Force Meetings Minutes

Public Meeting Boards 10/07/09 
Green Infrastructure
Hazlewood Changes
Land Use and Zoning
Loop Roads
Market Study
Redevelopment Dynamics
Small Area
Study Area
Vision Goals