Independence Community Small Area Study

This is the Independence Community Small Area Study as approved by the City of Independence on July 23, 2007, and adopted by the Kenton County Planning Commission on September 6, 2007.

This document has been adopted into the Comprehensive Plan Update 2006-2026; An Area-Wide Vision for Kenton County after review by the Kenton County Planning Commission.

If you have questions about the information presented in these files please contact James Fausz for further details

Entire document 
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Urban Audit
Chapter 3- Public Progress
Chapter 4- Design Concepts
Chapter 5- Design Recommendations
Chapter 6- Implementation
Chapter 7- Appendix
Chapter 8- Exhibits

C-1 Charrette Process IN-1 Focus Areas
C-2 Concept Diagram IN-2 North Gateway
C-3 Recommended Land Use IN-3 Downtown Base
C-4 North Gateway Area Concept IN-4 South Retail Area
C-5 McCullum Pike / KY17 Area Concept IN-5 Other Focus Areas
C-6 Downtown Concept M-1 Market Study / Housing, Household
C-7 Downtown Sketch A M-2 Market Study / Population Market Capture
C-8 Downtown Sketch B M-3 Market Study / Drive Time
C-9 Downtown Sketch C T-1 Functional Classification
C-10 South Gateway Concept T-2 Level Service
C-11 Application Process T-3 Total Accidents
EC-1 City of Independence Map T-4 Outbound Workers
EC-2 Study Area & Existing Conditions T-5 Inbound Workers
EC-3 Zoning Map  
EC-4 Rarks, Recreation and Open Space Map  
EC-5 Sub-Watershed  
EC-6 Topography  
EC-7 Madison Pike Viewsheds  
EC-8 Oliver Road Viewsheds  
EC-9 New KY 17 Development  
EC-10 Composite Sensitivity  

City Council Presentation on 07/23/07 
Independence Small Area Study: Market Analysis

Information Presentation by KKG on 2/26/07 
Market Analysis Presentation by GPSS on 2/22/07
Prior Design Presentation by KKG on 2/22/07 
Independence Downtown Small Area Study Survey

Requested maps from December 2, 2006 meeting:
Independence Study Area
Unincorporated Parcels of Study Area
Letter from Mayor Chris Moriconi
Workshop Flier