Latonia Small Area Study

The NKAPC has been asked to assist the City of Covington in the preparation of a plan for the area of the city known as Latonia. The study will primarily examine the area bounded by Madison Pike (KY 17) to the north, the Licking River to the east, and the cities of Taylor Mill and Fort Wright to the south and west. Over the course of approximately one year, the NKAPC will work with the City of Covington, its residents and business owners to create a plan for the future and a strategy to begin implementation of that plan. The plan will likely focus on areas such as: transportation, wayfinding, housing, industry, and will also work to identify locations with good redevelopment potential. The study will also examine potential impacts and influences from outside the study boundaries to ensure the most complete plan possible. Periodic updates on the study, meeting information and pertinent documents will be posted on the project website.

Small area studies are intended to be adopted by the Kenton County Planning Commission (KCPC) as a more detailed part of the comprehensive plan for the area covered. Once adopted by the planning commission, these plans are used as the basis for review by NKAPC staff and the KCPC.

If you have questions about the information presented in these files please contact James Fausz for further details.

Final Report
Entire report (12.5 MB) 
Cover, Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Guiding Principles of the Plan
3.0 Forming the Plan
4.0 Recommendations and Implementation Strategies and
4.1 High Impact Recommendations and Priorities

4.2 The Market: Housing, Commercial and Industrial
4.3 Recommended Land Use
4.4 Green Infrastructure
4.5 Community Facilities and Utilities
4.6 Transportation and Mobility
4.7 Streetscape
4.8 Latonia Plaza Redevelopment
4.9 Strategic Action Committee and Neighborhood Associations
Appendix A: SD1 Church Street CSO Reduction Project
Appendix B: Street Conditions
Appendix C: Sidewalk Conditions
Appendix D: Sidewalk Deficiencies
Appendix E: Latonia Plaza Redevelopment Concepts

Public Meeting
Information in these presentation board PDFs constitutes what the public saw at the public meeting on September 30, 2010. It should be noted that these boards were presented with an NKAPC staff member present at each of the following seven stations and the files themselves lack audio context. Staff was also available to answer questions at each station; therefore the PDFs may seem incomplete without the accompanying discussion.

Vision Statement and Study Goals 
Study Area

Background and Concept-
What We Heard From You
Study Area Concept Diagram

The Market-
High Impact Priorities and Recommendations

Green Infrastructure, Community Facilities and Utilities-
Green Infrastructure
Public Facility Recommendations

Transportation, Streetscape and Wayfinding
Transportation Scenarios

Recommended Land Use-
Recommended Land Use 

Latonia Plaza Redevelopment-
Latonia Plaza Concept Diagram
Latonia Plaza Redevelopment- Phasing
Latonia Plaza Redevelopment- Final Concept Rendering

Existing Conditions Report
Entire Report (26 MB) 
Cover, Table of Contents  
Chapter 1- Introduction 
Chapter 2- Previous Plans 
Chapter 3- Market Study Summary 
Chapter 4- Green Infrastructure 
Chapter 5- Community Facilities 
Chapter 6- Existing Land Use and Utilities 
Chapter 7- Transportation 
Chapter 8- Streetscape and Wayfinding  
Chapter 9- Areas of Influence 
Chapter 10- Building Condition Survey 
Chapter 11- Latonia Survey   
Appendix A- Existing Zones 
Appendix B- Street Conditions 
Appendix C- Sidewalk Conditions 
Appendix D- Sidewalk Deficiencies 
Appendix E- Damaged Sidewalks
Appendix F- Building Conditions Survey Evaluation Criteria and Definitions 
Appendix G- Latonia Questionnaire 
Appendix H- Response Categories 
Appendix I- Questionnaire Responses 
Appendix J- In the News 

Market Study
Entire Market Study 

First Market Study Presentation 
Market Analysis Overview
Covington Location Map
Small Area Study Map
Latonia Small Area Population and Household Demographics 1990-2013
Latonia Small Area Population Age Trends 1990-2013
Latonia Small Area Household Income Distributions 1990-2013
2000 Us Census Resident Workforce Employment by Industry For The Latonia Small Area
Latonia Area Labor Force Trends 1990-2013
2000 Census Housing by Structure Age In The Latonia Study Area
Latonia Small Area Housing Units Forecast
City Of Covington and Latonia Small Area Retail Activity (Supply And Demand) Summary
City Of Covington and Latonia Small Area Services Activity (Supply And Demand) Summary
City Of Covington and Latonia Drive-Time Areas Retail Activity (Supply And Demand) Summary
City Of Covington and Latonia Drive-Time Areas Services Activity (Supply And Demand) Summary 
NKAPC Staff Presentation

Second Market Study Presentation
NKAPC Staff Presentation
Market Analysis Presentation


Task Force Presentations
Information in these presentation files constitutes notes and data presented to the Task Force at their monthly meetings. It should be noted that these files, many of which are PDFs of PowerPoint presentations, lack the audio context of the presentation itself and may seem incomplete without the accompanying discussion.

Task Force Meeting Notes